Can I commission you?

Yes you can! If you are interested, here’s the commission form. If your commission request is accepted I will then email you a more detailed and formal commission form that we will then both sign with our agreements on price and image usage, if applicable.

What are your prices like?

It really depends on the size and type of support and the amount of detail that is going into the subject. A full scene painting as opposed to a portrait with a simple background would cost more. As an example, a portrait painting of size 28 x 22 would cost around $650.00.

What media do you use?

Most of my work is either done with acrylics or oil paints. For my acrylic paintings, they are usually done on primed, 1 1/2 inch canvas or board. For oil paintings I typically use wood panel, but I have also recently begun doing some paintings on plexiglass.

What is your process like?

For paintings of people, I usually take photos of my subject, bring them into Photoshop and edit them if necessary. I then crop the images to the exact size of the canvas I’m using and then draw with pencil on the canvas. Once that’s done I may do a monochromatic under-painting. From there I use the reference the photo(s) and my own imagination to enhance the colours and composition. For still life’s I usually will just paint them from life.

Who are your influences?

Some of my favourite traditional artists are Jenny Saville, John Watkiss, and Paul Wright to name a few.