Blissful Abysm,, acrlyic on canvas, 2017

Blissful Abysm

Acrylic on canvas
22 in x 28 in

I was invited to create artwork for Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix exhibition in 2018. I created this piece as a response to an original musical composition titled “Precipice” by Erica Procunier. This piece is part of a two-piece set, the other of which is called Cruel Clarity. Blissful Abysm represents the first half of the song, which gave me a sense of mystery and confusion with a touch of perilousness, almost like a foggy dream where you are ignorant to whether you may be in danger. It also reminds me of being in a dark, underground cave. This is why the woman looks surrounded by darkness and where the “abysm” part of the title comes in. The cave atmosphere symbolizes the feeling of mystery and danger.

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